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White Gold Kick Strawberry

From 249 AED

SKU: white-gold-kick-strawberry

35 AED/can

White Gold Kick Strawberry – Strawberry nicotine pouches. Ideal for those who desire a powerful, refreshing sensation, these premium pouches feature a luscious strawberry flavor that’s both vibrant and satisfying. Each pouch is expertly designed to provide a robust nicotine experience without smoke or tobacco leaf residue. Perfect for any time or place, White Gold Kick: Strawberry offers a discreet nicotine hit with a clean, spit-free experience.

Net Weight: 160g
Product type: All white portion
Pouches per can: 400
Pouch Size: Slim
Pouch Weight: 0,4g
Nicotine Content: 15mg/g (6mg/pouch)
Flavor: Strawberry
From Hökerum Sweden
Refillable can included.

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