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White Gold Massive Mint Mini

From 249 AED

SKU: white-gold-massive-mint-mini

35 AED/can

White Gold Massive Mint Mini – Experience an eruption of freshness in a mini sleek format with these nicotine pouches. Designed for those who seek a powerful, invigorating sensation, these premium pouches deliver a robust mint flavor that’s as intense as it is refreshing. Each pouch is carefully crafted to provide a satisfying nicotine experience without any smoke or tobacco leaf residue. Ideal for use anytime,  especially considering the small size, it can be used anywhere, White Gold Massive Mint Mini lets you enjoy a super-discreet nicotine hit with a clean, minimal experience.

Net Weight: 160g
Product type: All white portion
Pouches per can: 400
Pouch Size: Slim
Pouch Weight: 0,09g
Nicotine Content: 15mg/g (6mg/pouch)
Flavor: Mint
From Hökerum Sweden
Refillable can included.

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