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White Gold Sweet Peach Mini

From 249 AED

SKU: White-Gold-Sweet-peach-mini

35 AED/can

White Gold Sweet Peach Mini – Transform your nicotine experience with the delightful taste of White Gold Sweet Peach Mini Nicotine Pouches. These bold, tobacco-free pouches deliver a luscious peach flavor that invigorates your senses and keeps you refreshed throughout the day. Perfect for users seeking a sweet, impactful sensation with the convenience of discreet usage.

These mini nicotine pouches are ideal for those who crave a strong, refreshing burst of peach combined with a substantial nicotine hit. Your go-to choice for an exhilarating, fruity experience whenever you need it.


Net Weight: 160g
Product type: All white portion
Pouches per can: 400
Pouch Size: Slim
Pouch Weight: 0,09g
Nicotine Content: 15mg/g (6mg/pouch)
Flavor: Sweet Peach
From Hökerum Sweden
Refillable can included.

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