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ZYN Cool Mint

From 249 AED

SKU: Zyn-Cool-mint-06

35 AED/can

ZYN Cool Mint 6mg – Designed to provide a tobacco leaf-free alternative to traditional oral tobacco products. ZYN Cool Mint 6mg pouches offer an icy burst of mint flavor.

ZYN Cool Mint is made with high quality ingredients and with no tobacco leaf, so they will not stain your teeth. The Icy burst mint flavor of ZYN Cool Mint 6 is a popular choice by customers and is easy to use both indoors and and while on the go, as the pouch is parked under the lip. The pouch contains 6mg of nicotine, but the Cool Mint flavor is also available in lower nicotine strength.


Net Weight: 160g
Product type: All white portion
Pouches per can: 150 pouches
Pouch Size: Mini
Pouch Weight: 0,09g
Nicotine Content: 6mg/pouch
Flavor: Mint
Manufacturer: Swedish Match

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